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Le linee e gli orari

Linee e Orari Autobus

Castel Nuovo - Pale *Parte ogni altro giorno 21:00h, Torna a 19:30h.

Castel Nuovo - Subotica (via Zlatibor) *Parte ogni altro giorno 17:40h, Torna a 17:30h.

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Dusan Lazarevic

Neda Mijović

Alejandra Suarez-Llanos Outeirino

They charge 1€ per bag which we weren''t aware of, is not much but it would have been to know it in advance to be prepare with cash.

Karolina Mackiewicz

The bus stopped after Herceg Novi for the conductor to do shopping (?). No information was given. We stopped for 10 minutes or more. During this time the other buses passed us by and with this we were 5th in the line on the border. After all the bus was late by 1,5 hour in Dubrovnik. Otherwise, OK service. Good that AC worked! :)

Benoit Scharff

Jozsef Kun

Yury Ilinskiy

Luc Lijnen

old bus, no airco bus was on time

Natascha Rietdijk

The driver was OK although he did not seem to speak one word of English. It would have been nice to have clearer announcements of the approximate breaks that would be made. But mostly the bus itself was in a bad conditioning. In many places the air conditioning did not function properly, which became almost unbearable when sitting directly above the engine of the vehicle as we did. There was also very little leg space and the bus was rather dirty. This would have been fine for a one or two hour drive, but for a 14 hour bus ride this was not OK - for these long drives the better buses should be used in order to keep the customers comfortable.

Adnan Pasovic

Gabriel Hakim

Irina Meleshko

Nurul Iman Muhammad Dimyati

Old bus, no air conditioning and seating not according to reserved number

Dzvezda Mihajlova

The driver of the bus really had a nice personality and was very approachable. Even tho we didn''t have our online tickets on a paper he allowed us to go on the bus and to print them on the bus station in Podgorica. However the ride itself was terrible, he was driving so fast and bumpy that I thought at any moment we will finish in the valley. Another thing that I didn''t like about this trip is the bus itself, too old for so long trip.

Miroslav Radjenovic

Jorgen B. Frandsen

The seats are not particular big.


I''m very satisfied with the bus and the cruel.

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